We offer more than technology,

we create sustainable market success.

More than half of all marketed therapeutic drugs are poorly soluble in water, or display a low grade of membrane permeability. Utilizing our proprietary MJR Technology to downsize particle size to nanoscale, compounds become more soluble and faster dissolving in water.

leon-nanodrugs offers its partners the ability to enhance the profile of established compounds, as well as the nanotechnology platform to solve formulation issues with novel NCE’s. Supporting our partners in developing oral and parenteral compounds, leon-nanodrugs offers a complete service portfolio ranging from conception to development, GMP- production, biological and clinical profiling, and support in gaining market approval.

We can produce the following nano-particles and drug delivery systems under GMP conditions:

‘Naked’ nanoparticles

Polymer coated API nanoparticles

Multilayer nanoparticles

Functionalized multilayer nanoparticles

Polymer nanoparticles functionalized with API

Polymer nanoparticles with API molecules on the surface and in the particle


Coated nano-emulsions

more about leon nanodrugs (company folder)

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