Partnering with leon

By offering our partners access to the next generation nanotechnology platform, leonnanodrugs offers fee for service contract development,as well as co-development partnerships. Our ultimate goal is to support our partners in generating added value to established molecules and novel NCE’s through utilization of our proprietary MJR Nanotechnology platform.

Leon-nanodrugs offers a 360° service platform to facilitate the needs for each individual partner.

Client’s benefit

  1. Short “time-to-market”
    (hybrid approval for generic substances)
  2. Low development costs
  3. API-specific formulation patent
  4. Exclusive licence
  5. Superior patented technology
  6. Pro-active Life-Cycle-Management

MJR technologie Plattform

Project Modules

Easily customizable, the typical partnering concept utilizes leon’s Module Approach to initiate and track each project.




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