LEON successfully completes development of its innovative reactor for more efficient production of lipid nanoparticles

January 3, 2023|In News

LEON achieved superior accuracy in development of its proprietary reactor, facilitating exceptional inter-device reproducibility of particle size and distribution, and thus seamless process transfer, from development stage to commercial scale. The prerequisites to manufacture the LEON reactor in series are therefore met – a milestone achievement on the road to broad application of the NANOnow product platform for the encapsulation of mRNA in lipid nanoparticles.


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PR LEON Reactor development completed


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LEON offers leading Technology for the encapsulation of nucleic acids, biomolecules, and other APIs.

Highly flexible GMP manufacturing solutions for your genetic payloads and other molecules.

LEON utilises its’ proprietary nano technology platform for the continuous manufacturing of SMART nanoparticles (ranging from surface stablilised polymeric through to lipid nanoparticles (LNP’s) and liposomes). For general information and enquiries please email info@leon-nanodrugs.com