LEON has built up a significant knowledge base since 2011. We work with world-class industrial partners towards a common goal that benefits us all. We actively support both process and product development and commercial manufacturing. Our expertise lies in the next-generation of fully automated nanoparticle-based manufacturing.

We’re proud to have built a world-class team, characterized by a blend of exceptional talent and a passion for shared goals. Working collaboratively with a network of leading pharmaceutical companies and other organizations, we are dedicated to support them in developing new products and enabling their future commercial goals.

LEON is backed by a strong group of investors and as strategic partners, they share our vision of making a difference in the pharmaceutical industry.

Working with LEON gives partners access to a well-founded wealth of knowledge that is highly relevant to their core business. We help our clients bring more products to market, faster and with increased value.


LEON’s goal is to implement our recent breakthroughs in nanoparticle manufacturing technology to significantly increase access to important vaccines and innovative cancer therapies.
That is why we have developed NANOnow, a powerful platform, that has yielded two strategic product solutions – NANOme and NANOus.
Through easy technology transfer and compatibility with Class C modular pharmaceutical factories, we increase flexibility and speed.

NANOnow. for ME. for US.


LEON´s core team consists of experts with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors worldwide. Our directors have proven track records in start-ups, running their own businesses and advising small, medium and large organizations in the life sciences industry. The Board of Directors is complemented by a world-class management team with outstanding knowledge and experience in nanotechnology.


We can rely on our strong partners of the LEON supervisory board.


We believe in innovation, collaboration and partnership. The promotion and continuous development of our employees plays a decisive role. In order to meet our high standards, we are constantly looking for highly qualified new colleagues. Contact us if you share our vision.



We are backed by a strong group of investors, having secured significant additional commitment in our recent Series C funding round.

Our major shareholders include: