Expert solutions for oral and parenteral product development

based on proprietary nanotechnology

We are a specialised product development company dedicated to developing a pipeline of enhanced versions of existing drug products, and providing services to enable pre-clinical and clinical  stage formulations for our clients NCEs or branded established drugs.

leon-nanodrugs offers access to the next generation of nano-formulated drugs with meaningful differentiation and added patient benefits.

We specialize in improving the bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs by using leon’s proprietary MJR® Technology platform to create either polymeric or crystalline nanoparticles.

leons meaningful differentiation…

  • Improved bioavailability, Faster onset of action, Dose reduction resulting in lower drug exposure, Improved stability
  • Extension of life cycle, Earlier to market
  • Lower pill burden, eliminate food effect, increased patient compliance
  • 3 year goal from concept to FDA / EMA, submission due to abbreviated regulatory pathway, e.g. 505(b)2, Hybrid Application

Whats´s new with LEON take a look at LEONs Technology come and meet LEON

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