Proprietary and Award Winning Technology

MicroJetReactor (MJR®) Technology

The MJR® Technology is a classical bottom-up approach for particle synthesis and used for continuous precipitation of nano- and microparticles. Basis of the process is a solvent / non-solvent precipitation that is performed under optimal controlled process conditions.

The essential and proprietary part of the technology is the MicroJetReactor (MJR® ), which is shown above schematically. The device is small with an edge length of only 3 cm. In the MicroJetReactor (MJR® ), two opposed liquid jets of solvent and non-solvent containing dissolved compounds are formed and collide with each other inside the chamber. The small diameter and the high velocity of the jets result in a very rapid and intense mixing of the two liquids and precipitation of insoluble compounds. Result of this “one step reaction” are nanoparticles suspended in the liquid and ready for downstream processing.

MJR® Technology enables outstanding quality and reproducibility of the production of nanoparticles and complex drug delivery systems in a particle size range between 10 nm and 50 µm.

Leon´s years of experience in particle development reflects in efficient development strategies for particulate systems. We work together with our customers in finding advantages of particulate systems for the selected API and meeting their specific formulation needs.

We offer a broad range of particle types in order to meet your needs:

    • Surface-stabilized crystaline nanoparticles
    • Surface-stabilized polymeric nanoparticles
    • Multilayer nanoparticles
    • Core-shell nanoparticles
    • Solid-lipid nanoparticles
    • Nanoemulsions
    • Coated nanoemulsions

Next generation of SMART nano-particles™

S_Stable crystaline or polymeric particles

M_Measurable tailored size: 5-1000nm & 10-50µm

A_Achievable easy scale up: bench to commercial

R_Relevant for all application forms

T_Timebound: fast continuous precipitation <0.1ms easly intergrated into downstream processes

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