leon-nanodrugs has a number of projects in its development pipeline that utilize our proprietary Technology. In addition to offering our partners access to our novel formulation technology,  we focus on internal development projects via co-development partnerships under license.

Currently we have several products in leons development pipeline that are available for licensing:

IN023 is oral oncology drug where with nano reformulation of the marketed product we are striving to achieve abolishment of food effect and by lowering the dose, abolishment of dose related side effects.

IN027 is one of leons most innovative products. We are developing unique buccal muccoadhesive film formulation of the vital immunosuppressive drug, specifically designed for use in children, combining two innovative technologies: nanotechnology plus oral thin film technology.

IN030 is a project where we are working on innovative reformulation of the oral oncology drug for improvement of patient safety and treatment efficacy by dose reduction and abolishment of food effect.


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