Exciting new possibilities exist at the scale of nano. Opportunities to accelerate drug development. Opportunities for collaboration between global pharma, biotech and network partners to amplify the effectiveness of New Chemical Entities (NCE’s), generate super generics, repurpose existing, revitalize forgotten formulations and negate the attrition of molecules. That is why at LEON, we are enabling nano now.

Solution Provider

We deliver novel, validated and optimized solutions that create value for our clients and provide better outcomes for their patients. We offer a better, customized and precise nanoparticle platform technology.

Worldclass Partnering Network

Rapid access to the experts across the development phases to commercial. Thereby we are known for our agility, flexibility and our partnership collaboration.
Our nanoSOLV offering is a tailored candidate API solution which leads to the right nano-prototype formulation. By selecting the right Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) preclinical model, nanoSOLV enables a flexible and agile approach to reach clinical stage quicker.
Our continuous nano process is easily scalable and cost effective.

Nanoparticles for several administration routes

Our nano-particles are applicable to all dose formats with our main focus on oral and parenteral applications.

A new Level of Innovation

We expedite APIs, revitalize forgotten formulations and breathe new life into generics to deliver improved stability, increased solubility and enhanced bioavailability.