A continuous manufacturing tool to make large volumes of nanocarriers

The NANOus®, embedded with the FR-JET mixing technology and high automation features, is customised to your process to provide homogeneous nanoparticle batches of the highest quality.

Setting up your GMP scale up process for success.

A highly configurable closed system, including features like PAT (process analytical technology) and CIP/SIP  (cleaning and sterilization in place), to match your aseptic processing needs. Optional inline particle measurement feature available.

Faster route to commercial product.

One-step scale up (1x to 3x) from our NANOlab® device eliminates the need for intermediate steps or additional equipment. Further, operation under lower classified cleanrooms (Grade C) lowers the cost and time barrier to start production!

Continuous manufacturing with high throughput.

Production volumes of up to 1.2 liters per minute!

Seamless scalability.

Example data showing particle property control across scales.

The NANOus® was developed in partnership with Harro Höfliger, a leading provider of technology solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing, including aseptic processes:

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