A development tool designed for nanocarrrier formulation success

The NANOlab®, augmented by the FR-JET mixing technology, provides precise and reliable process control, and speeds up process development.

More process handles, for precise control.

The NANOlab® features a broad operational window (e.g. flow rate) combined with the modular design of our proprietary FR-JET system, enabling precise control over nanoparticle properties.

Deliver your target specifications.

A highly configurable system makes it easy to screen and identify the right process parameters to achieve particle properties that meet your needs.

Direct one-step process transfer to GMP.

The process parameters can be scaled up directly to our GMP NANOme® or NANOus® devices, without the need for intermediate steps or additional equipment.

Unprecendented precision.

An example process development workflow with the NANOlab® system.

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