Leading Technology for the Encapsulation of nucleic acids, biomolecules, and other API´s.

Our technology solves your current encapsulation challenges.Highly flexible GMP manufacturing solutions for your genetic payloads and other molecules.

Our solution

LEON has proven experience in developing state-of-the-art nanoparticle production processes, and technology for scale-up and commercial manufacturing. Commercial encapsulation of genetic biomolecules faces a big bottleneck: Current technologies have several limitations; they are overly complex, cumbersome, investment intensive, inefficient, and costly. LEON’s NANOnow solutions solve this bottleneck, making manufacturing of these products an affordable proposition.

Personalized medicine produced in minutes.
NANOme is a disruptive technology providing a closed device for advanced genetic product and individualized medicine manufacturing.

NANOme enables the encapsulation of genetic material into lipid nanoparticles in minutes instead of hours, with more control and at a significantly lower cost than current methods.

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A new level of vaccine manufacturing.
The need for rapidly manufactured, large-scale quantities of vaccines has never been more immediate. NANOus disrupts current manufacturing processes and makes them faster and more cost-efficient than ever before.

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One reactor for all your needs.
NANOnow is LEON’s proprietary nanotechnology platform that increases the efficiency of nanoparticle manufacturing. With an IP-protected reactor for the manufacturing of nanoparticles, we make preventive therapies possible on a large scale and optimize manufacturing of therapeutic personalized treatments at any desired scale.
From surface stabilized polymeric nanoparticles to lipid nanoparticles and liposomes: Our technology is suitable for a wide range of particle types and application forms.

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With NANOsolv we expedite APIs, revitalize forgotten formulations and breathe new life into generics to deliver improved stability, increased solubility and enhanced bioavailability.
Our solution is based on our proprietary NANOnow Technology, a classic bottom-up approach to the synthesis of SMART nanoparticles or microparticles.

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Biotech is one of the fastest growing markets, and one of the most attractive industries with a high potential for more efficient and transformative solutions in the development of new medicines and therapies.
LEON uses NANOnow Technology to significantly advance manufacturing of the next generation of genetic and biological medicines.
Our business customers and strategic partners profit from the flexibility and agility that our solutions offer, enabling significant acceleration and cost reduction of biomolecule encapsulation and transfection.

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