NANOme was developed to address manufacturing capacity constraints in personalized medicine. It is optimized for small-scale manufacturing of nano encapsulated products, specifically for individual patient and clinical trial-size GMP production.
The closed disposable system enables aseptic processing, allowing for rapid production of individual batches without the risk of cross-contamination, and eliminates the need for cleaning and sterilization steps in between batches.

NANOme is highly adaptable for clinical use in personalized medicines such as therapeutic cancer vaccines and as an adjunct to platforms for CAR-T.

  • Closed fully disposable system
    • Reduces risk of contamination
    • Back to back manufacturing
    • No cleaning & verification needed between batches
  • Plug and play GMP system
  • Can be combined with all types of downstream process devices, especially suitable for maintaining closed-loop process workflows.
  • Simplified operations through automation & lower classified rooms
Cost & time saving
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