Unprecendented reproducibility & process control

The pharmaceutical development of nanoparticle-based products, which encapsulate small molecules or large biomolecules, is a complex operation that has been met with various hurdles. From designing stable formulations to the critical task of scaling up to GMP-compliant manufacturing processes requires a holistic solution that can be relied upon. Current conventional technologies, such as microfluidics and T-mixing, fall short in addressing critical challenges in mitigating the risk of aseptic manufacturing, suboptimal product CQAs, high batch-to-batch variability, and steep production costs.

Recognizing the complexity of the emerging drug modalities, LEON has introduced the FR-JET technology.

Overview of the FR-JET technology

The underlying principle in brief

Two liquids are injected into the reactor from opposite directions through microscale nozzles, which creates pressure-driven high velocities in the fluids. The liquids mix with each other in a very short period of time within the mixing chamber in a highly turbulent (yet stable) mixing regime.

Designed for success.

The unique spherical internal geometry of our FR-JET core maximizes the mixing efficiency by minimizing the surface area-to-volume ratio and reduces deviations from ideal reactors by eliminating stagnant or dead volumes. This results in the formation of highly homogenous particles.

Our proprietary core

The FR-JET technology is based on jet-impinging principles and features a modular design with interchangeable parts. This innovative approach provides the flexibility to fine-tune process parameters from the early development stages through to large-scale production.

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