Harro Höfliger and LEON collaborate to bring the innovative NANOus LNP-encapsulation device to market

October 26, 2022|In News

leon-nanodrugs GmbH and Harro Höfliger, announce today their collaboration on a manufacturing device to encapsulate mRNAs or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). NANOus is a flexible small-to-high-volume manufacturing device designed for aseptic GMP-compliant nanoencapsulation of APIs, based on LEON’s proprietary NANOnow technology.

The two companies are in the process of assembling the market-ready device, which will enable rapid and cost-efficient, seamless scale-up for production of LNP-encapsulated therapeutics. NANOus can enable continuous manufacturing of several million vaccine doses per day. The collaboration builds on Harro Höfliger’s longstanding experience and engineering capabilities in order to meet the needs of the manufacturing pharmaceutical sector, while LEON provides access to its core technology platform NANOnow.

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About LEON

leon-nanodrugs GmbH is a Munich-based pharmatech company specializing in the development of devices for the encapsulation of genetic material and other pharmaceutical active substances into nanocarriers, such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). LEON builds its innovative solutions based on its proprietary FR-JET technology. Its portfolio of devices, NANOlab® for process development, and NANOme® and NANOus® for GMP aseptic manufacturing, enable faster route to clinical batches and are suitable for both individualised scales and commercial production.

LEON’s platform is aimed at enabling pharma companies, small biotech, research institutes, as well as CDMOs, to take full advantage of the significant progress being made in advanced therapies.

For general information and enquiries please email info@leon-nanodrugs.com